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Embroidery Design Notepad

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Our Embroidery Design Notepad is a brilliant tool for all your embroidery design needs. Perfect for sketching out ideas, the A5 Notepad has 50 pages and fits a 5 inch hoop. Make notes on stitch and colour ideas so you can easily bring your designs to life.
How to use:
  1. sketch out your design on the hoop portion of the notepad, and then go over it with a thicker darker pen.
  2. Grab your 5 inch embroidery hoop and pop a single layer of fabric in it. Flip your hoop so the fabric is face down and in contact with the notepad.
  3. Trace your design using a heat erasable pen, you can get one here.
  4. An extra step to make your embroidery even better. Take out your fabric that now has the design on it, late onto a second piece of fabric and pop it back in your help. It's always better to stitch on two layers of fabric, find out why here