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5" Gamechanger - The revolutionary backing disk to finish and hang embroidery hoops.

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My least favourite bit of embroidery is finishing off the hoop to display it. So my partner and I put our heads together and came up with The Gamechanger.

This is the most beautiful and EASIEST solution. No glue, no stitching, all you need to do is push our Gamechanger disk into the back of the hoop.

It PERFECTLY fits the 5" Elbesee hoop included in the #WEStitchKit, whether you used my double up fabric or not (although you really should, trust me!). It'll stay in place, it'll solidify your embroidery AND it'll hang perfectly flush against your wall on a nail!

The Gamechanger is included FOR FREE in all monthly #WEStitchKit!

I cannot guarantee that this will fit other 5" embroidery hoops that aren't Elbesee.

 Want to get an Elbesee hoop AND Gamechanger combo? Click here