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12 Day Embroidery Advent Calendar for 2024 (PRE-ORDER) (UK ONLY)

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Please note: this is a pre-order. Shipping for this product will begin in November. 

If you're using a payment plan there is an extra step in your email to complete!

It's finally happening! You've been asking and this year... I'm delivering!

The Embroidery Advent Calendar is here, and the theme is SEASONS!

Delivered to you in a lovely little box, the Wimperis Embroidery Advent Calendar 2024 is packed full of exclusive designs and embroidery notions, worth over £130!

What's Included in the 12-Day Advent Calendar? (No spoilers!)

  • 1 exclusive Mini Kit
  • Exclusive designs for:
    • Needleminder
    • Pin
    • Stick & Stitch
    • Stickers
  • Plus other embroidery notions!

Each day's advent will come in its own little fabric drawstring pouch, perfect for embroidering on and using in your day-to-day life, or gifting to your loved ones!

Don't miss out on this exclusive embroidery advent designed to bring joy and creativity to your festive season. Order your Wimperis Embroidery Advent Calendar 2024 today before pre-order closes on July 31st!

Please do not buy anything else with your order as it will be refunded.

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Advent Calendar Questions?

Why is it UK only?

This is our first time doing an advent calendar and it's a big project overall. As much as we'd love to be able to offer this worldwide, for our first year at least, and because there are a lot of variables involved including postage, we're keeping it to the UK!

What's with the payment plan?

We're offering a payment plan (at no extra cost to you) because we know that dropping £200 on an advent calendar isn't something a lot of people can do at the moment. Breaking this up into a maximum of 3 payments makes buying the advent calendar much more accessible for more people!

Why are you not letting us know everything included?

Firstly, that's not how advent calendars work! The surprise is the best bit!

Secondly, I'm still designing things. There's nothing to show!

Just know that if you like my designs and products, you're pretty much guaranteed to like what's included!

What if I miss the pre-order?

If you miss the pre-order period, there will be a small number of each calendar available once we begin shipping in November but at this moment I'm not sure how many.

When will I receive my advent calendar?

We're currently aiming to begin shipping at some point between early to mid November. There is no set date yet, but you will be kept updated.